An exciting development from the Going Home Coalition — A Project to Reduce Homelessness in the Clearwater Area

This Coalition of Dedicated Groups & individuals who have undertaken the huge task of reducing homelessness in the Clearwater area is getting the recognition it so deserves. Ed Thiebe from Community Service Foundation (CSF), an organization that has been working on this issue for many years, was interviewed recently on Tampa Bay’s Morning Blend.

Driven by leaders of partner organizations, Going Home facilitates success in terms of reductions in overall homelessness. The project’s design reflects a commitment to coordinated impact through collaboration. And it appears this collaboration is working!

The group has members from the coalition, sponsors, homeless citizens and professional contractors working on the renovation of several properties in the North Greenwood Neighborhood. These properties are designed to hold many of the homeless population as well as provide ancillary services to help get them permanently back on their feet and becoming contributing members to society. Once this happens, it then helps them move into their own home, freeing the space up for another homeless individual.

The Founding Members have started something that just wasn’t possible by any one single organization or individual — it needed a group of community members who cared enough to make a difference in the lives of the homeless people on our streets.

Founding members include:

The Refuge Outreach Church, Community Service Foundation, Peace Memorial Presbyterian Church CW, St. Vincent de Paul-Community Kitchen and Resource Center CW, Church of Scientology, Trinity Presbyterian Peace Café and the Joy of the Gospel Ministries. AND

The group has also engaged many of the more active corporate sponsors in the Tampa Bay area to join in the movement. One of the latest activities was a golf tournament that raised a substantial amount of money for the movement! Come join us & get involved in the fun — for a better & safer Clearwater for all!