about going home clearwater flHomelessness has deep and costly repercussions. Homelessness affects not only the individual experiencing that crisis, but also increases community costs and negatively impacts the quality of life for community residents, businesses, and visitors.

Driven by the community will from leaders of the partner architects, Going Home facilitates success in terms of reductions in overall homelessness, street homelessness, cycling through systems and costs borne by local businesses and taxpayers.

No single organization has the capacity to solely reduce homelessness. The project’s design reflects a commitment to coordinated impact through collaboration.

Partner organizations are members of the homeless community with live experience to enable them to meet people where they’re at and truly understand their struggle. They know firsthand how great the need is and what must be advocated to reduce homelessness.

Founding Members of the Going Home Coalition

The Founding members of the Going Home Coalition include: The Refuge Outreach Church, Community Service Foundation, Inc., Peace Memorial Presbyterian Church of Clearwater, St. Vincent de Paul-Community Kitchen and Resource Center of Clearwater, Church of Scientology, Trinity Presbyterian and Peace Café and the Joy of the Gospel Ministries – Monday Feeding ministry.