Phase 1 – Tieman Village – DONE!

Tieman Village, three (3), multi-unit properties on the corner of MLK and Woodlawn Street, Clearwater, are located at an intersection that is at the heart of the Lake Bellevue Neighborhood; bordered by a City of Clearwater Police substation and dental clinic, a park, a convenience store and laundry mat. Named Tieman Village to honor Duke Tieman, a long time Lake Bellevue Neighborhood Association President and advocate for Lake Bellevue.

As a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization, Community Service Foundation (CSF) honors our mission to alleviate homelessness by seeking community conscious partners to serve low-income families of Pinellas County with affordable housing, a healthy living environment, and support services and training. CSF recognizes that every community partner in this effort to end homelessness—private, public and nonprofit—is an essential piece of the puzzle. Together with our partner agencies, the City of Clearwater, Economic Development and Housing Department and the Pinellas County, Community Development and Planning Division, we will ensure affordable housing is intentionally maintained and preserved, sustain the City’s stock of affordable housing, improve neighborhood stability, and change how people live.


Phase 2 – Tieman Village – DONE!

We recognize if we don’t invest now in stabilizing homeless families and children we will end up spending more over time on providing services for them down the road. Data from 65 U.S. cities have shown that the cost of keeping homeless people on the street is between $35,000 and $150,000 per person, per year (depending on the severity of the case)


Phase 3 – Myrtle Street Triplex

GOAL: Raise $15,000 –  6 new tenants


The Going Home Homeless Reduction pilot program offers the opportunity for volunteers to lend a hand. Through donated time of homeless citizens, coalition members, community members and professional construction workers, the overhead and labor costs have been eliminated.

Phase 4 – Tangerine Street Duplex

GOAL: Raise $40,000 – 4 new tenants

Named after the donor last name. Emrani


We optimize all donations to Going Home by using funds solely for direct costs for the construction materials. In addition, community support via donated furniture, supplies and materials has reduced the estimated contractual budget of $170,000 to $65,000.